Information center

Project description

The core function of this module is to ensure that the Organization's employment relations are conducive to optimizing the contributions of its human resources. The smartH2R information center Module helps HR interpret employee policy, administer employee benefits and manage industrial relations and Health & Safety issues.

  • Policies & Procedures
  • Benefits Administration
  • Industrial Relations Advisory
  • Occupational Health & Safety

All the documents, video tutorials, hyperlinks etc. that you want all the employee to learn can be set for compulsory reading and also tests can be conducted to examine whether they have acquired the knowledge. Employees can initiate discussions on any topic & anyone can answer or provide feedback. Mechanism for Learning management, Knowledge Storage, Dissemination & Authentication. ability to create multiple surveys in categories & sub categories. You can use it wonderfully for getting ISO certifications as all documents have the version number, document number, issue date, facility to be released on the login page to be seen by all the employees. You can also decide whether it should be compulsorily seen by all the relevant employees & whether you want to take feedback from employees on the contents in various forms.

user friendly, Hassle free HR & payroll software