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Power CRM is a web based application which is aimed at storing the content in an organized manner with data security and provides access to frequently change or update the content for each of the subjects or topics. This Application serves as a digital asset management system containing documents, movies, pictures, and also third party flash games. The application provides security on each of the content stored in to the application.SDL Globe has used technology to solve educational challenges to provide innovative, technology-enabled learning approaches, and to provide a high quality education at a reasonable cost.


Smart PAMMS- Plant and Machinery Maintenance Software is a revolutionary product. With Smart PAMMS you can track an unlimited number of tools & equipments. Management is easier than ever, you can store a description, make, model, serial number, photos, and more for each piece of equipment. Unlimited custom fields provide the flexibility you need to store information unique to your array of equipment. If using meter tracking, you can select from hours, miles, kilometers, etc., Smart PAMMS also provides wide range of preventive maintenance services that are already defined for you. When scheduled machines may result for unexpected repairs, Smart PAMMS automatically notifies you when they are in due, Smart PAMMS enables you to track and monitor trends in repair maintenance.


Applicants by contacting the companies advertised on this job board fully understand that H1 Sponsor does not vouch for any authenticity of the details provided by any employer on this job board, it is sole responsibility of the applicant to do due-diligence and select the right company. This portal stands to support the great nation in providing opportunity for American employers to source, identify and select the best of prospective employees from not only at home but across the globe. It also facilitates candidates to have an easy platform to connect with the best of American employers to realize their American Dream.


The Inventory application aims at tracking the assets stored in the inventory, the application allows to create the information of the vendors, who supplies assets to the store/Warehouse. Later those assets are supplied to its requested users. The application allows inserting every asset in to the stock and generates a unique Asset ID and related reference number which are then placed to the desired location via requisition. For each of the asset ID, QR code is generated and installed to each of the assets which are later tracked for missing assets/ displaced assets in a particular location using a QR code scanner. It also allows transferring the assets temporarily or permanently from one location to another, disposes the broken/ damaged assets by raising the disposal request to the store manager. Every user can view their requests and assets supplied to them.


We follow one of the two approaches to application development and integration: Full life-cycle application development, in which we assume start-to-finish responsibility for analysis, design, implementation, testing and integration of systems; or Cooperative development, in which our experts work with your in-house IT personnel to jointly analyze, design, implement, test and integrate new systems


The protection of your personal data is of utmost importance to 99Jewels Marketing Private Limited. This Privacy Policy sets forth which personal data of yours may be collected through this web presentation or any mobile presentations and in which way 99Jewels is allowed to use or, if required, transfer such data.


Gyproc is part of the Euro 43 billion Saint-Gobain Group, the world's leading manufacturer of ceilings, drywalls and gypsum plasters. The company is a pioneer in introducing lightweight interior construction practices in the Indian market, and its products and systems are the preferred choice of companies, builders, interior decorators and end consumers.


The MediaHub queue is separated into 4 major components:
• The database schema which defines the information to be stored for each queue record, and
• The portal UI which is used for end user interaction with their work flow.
• The portal view controller web services which define the APIs for communication with the portal and implements the controller/model business logic.
• The MediaHub service method provides the key work flow business logic mechanisms.


India is a very rich country blessed with abundant natural resources and intelligent and hard working people, and India is the only rich and powerful country in the world which has not invaded any other country in its history, but India has been the target of invasion for many centuries now, However of late i.e. in the last half a century most of the rich and powerful people of India are looting the country of its resources and delaying its growth as a super power in the world.


Education is a powerful tool that leads to success of an individual and in the life of a nation. Technology can be used for transformation in dynamic education. Eduahead is an educational wing of Orbinet Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd, which is one of the leading technology services providers, with core competency aimed at design and development of educational product and services. To enhance the quality of education and reach a higher level of excellence in education, the company is working towards providing innovative, technology- enabled learning approaches. Eduahead has used technology to solve educational challenges to provide innovative, technology-enabled learning approaches, and to provide a high quality education at a reasonable cost.

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