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  • SmartHR - SmartHR is a revolutionary system that promises to take the pain out of HR Management. SmartHR - Smartly manages , Employee Databank, Employee Self Service, Attendance, Leave, payroll, Recruitment, Training, Performance Appraisal and all such HRMS activities from candidate entry till employee exit.
  • SmartCRM - Customers Relationship Management Software refers to a technological solution that help businesses manage customer relationships in an organized way.
  • SmartPAMMS - Duis non consequat elit. Aliquam fringilla porttitor sem, ut convallis lorem egestas vel. Aliquam quis purus sapien. Ut commodo porta orci, a aliquam mi semper luctus.
  • SmartLMS - Learning Management System is a product by SDL Globe that has used technology to solve educational challenges to provide innovative, technology-enabled learning approaches, and to provide a high quality education at a reasonable cost.


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The HRMS ERP product by SmartDrive labs “Smart HR” is an excellent product in its features with most of it being workflow driven and customization required has been bare minimum which helped us implement the product in a quicker timeframe. How it stands apart is the seamless integration with Oracle DB and integration with existing legacy systems. SmartHR is a complete solution for HR and payroll activities along with the dependencies associated with these departments wherein supporting our manufacturing units in multiple locations with various departments has become easy for us. We are delighted with various types of reports which can be easily generated. -Mr. Subarno Basu(Senior Manager)

SmartHR has helped us automate all our HR and payroll activities from employee data bank, leave and attendance, payroll, appraisal and travel management . A feature rich product which was easily integrated with our existing system. It’s very user friendly and backed by an excellent support team.
- Mr.Amarnath

Being in the HealthCare Equipment services vertical, we had very specific and custom requirements along with existing systems which were to be integrated. We are happy to say that Smart HR was the right choice as it had extensive features and could easily be integrated with the existing systems. Moreover, it provided us more flexible process automation and also we are now able to generate various types of reports which had saved a lot of time and helped the management take more strategic decisions.
- Mr. Arun Kumar

SmartHR – an innovative product with entire spectrum of HR function. Their knowledge and support in our Domain are amazing. The product is highly scalable to fit accelerated growth of business.
R K, Head – IR & HR

Upon evaluating many HRMS products from leading Companies, we found SmartHR to fit our requirement as their knowledge on HRMS function found to be exemplary which proved our decision to engage them. Their management, technical and support team proved us we were simply right in our decision.
Saurav Garg – Project In Manager

We engaged SDL Globe for our IT requirements and found to be very systematic in their approach to attacking any challenges with their high technical competence. The team is highly supportive and vouch for their statement ‘customer delight’.
Ms Aruna- Head

SmartHR came as a product to serious product in competition with leading HRMS products. We chose SmartHR as it fitted our budget and need. Their knowledge on compliances, payroll and other HR functions are superb and definitely recommended for any company in any domain. SmartHR is most competitive from any angle, be in price, technology or team’s domain expertise.
Apoorva Joshi -Head

SmartHR came as a product which perfectly suited our HR needs which required very minimal customisation. Highly cost effective and their domain knowledge with technical competency is commendable. SmartHR is indeed a 'Smart Product'.
Thangadurai -HR Manager

We are extremely happy with SmartHR. It is a very user-friendly and flexible product. The product is very extensive as it covered almost all the features which were required by us and the customization required was very bare minimum. We would also like to thank their support system which is very quick and prompt in their customer service.
S.P. Shuba Vaani

SmartHR is an excellent HRMS product which has helped us all our HR and Finance activities performed on a daily basis. We should give a special mention to their robust payroll system which was customized as per our requirement and helped us generate various reports required by our management. The biometrics devices were implemented in no time at our different locations and our leave and attendance has become very easy to handle. Their support team have been very quick and respond to our needs.
-Mr. Shantharam