Training Management

Project description

SmartH2R Training Management software provides complete automation of training activities, customizable to client’s need. Smart H2R is comprehensive software meant to help manage employee information and automate various HR processes like leave, appraisal, loans, etc. smart h2r is designed and implemented to address to data management needs of the HR department. The Training module enables the HR manager to monitor and administer the entire training cycle - from making a training calendar in the beginning of the year, scheduling events, managing employee nominations, selecting, marking attendance and optionally putting the employee feedback after the employee attends the course and generate the relevant MIS reports or other ad-hoc reports.

  • Collect & manage training recommendations
  • Create & publish course calendars
  • Select employees for training with automatic email intimation and reminders
  • Collect course feedback & effectiveness feedback
  • Track training budgets, actual costs and variances.
  • Employee Self Service for online feedback, self & manager recommendations and more
  • Extensive analytics; adhoc reporting generation tools.

Course Master

All the documents, video tutorials, hyperlinks etc. that you want all the employee to learn can be set for compulsory reading and also tests can be conducted to examine whether they have acquired the knowledge. Employees can initiate discussions on any topic & anyone can answer or provide feedback. Mechanism for Learning management, Knowledge Storage, Dissemination & Authentication. ability to create multiple surveys in categories & sub categories. You can use it wonderfully for getting ISO certifications as all documents have the version number, document number, issue date, facility to be released on the login page to be seen by all the employees. You can also decide whether it should be compulsorily seen by all the relevant employees & whether you want to take feedback from employees on the contents in various forms.

Course Planning and Course Calendar

  • you could draw out a plan as to what courses you would like to conduct each year, for any number of years in advance.
  • You could build the annual Course Calendar and make it available to all employees. You could also track the costing details for each of these courses, both budgeted and actual, and generate in-depth variance reports.
  • Recommendation and Selection for Courses
  • The employees and line-managers could view the course calendar and even do a self-recommendation or recommend their team members for various courses – online. Saves lots of time as well as efforts.
  • The recommendations could also come from the Training needs section – in the Online Appraisal Module, after approval.
  • The innovative Selection screen helps you to manage the selections for each course with ease.
  • Track the status of employees selected for a given course. Has the intimation letter been sent? Has the employee confirmed attendance? Has the reporting head confirmed the nomination? And so on. All the communication is done through the integrated email facility. .
  • Course Feedback
  • With the comprehensive course evaluation module you could define your own course evaluation parameters and the type of rating to be done for each of these parameters.
  • The evaluation of the effectiveness for the courses conducted is no more a time-consuming process. Immediately after the course is conducted, the employees can put in their feedback about the courses – online, so that you could generate the Course evaluation reports instantaneously. So no more paperwork and no more manual consolidation of the feedback data and report generation.
  • Reports and MIS
  • You could easily maintain the complete history of all courses and seminars that have been conducted, both internal and external, along with the participant details. So when you need to generate any reports, the data is available for you.
  • A wide range of reports to take care of most reporting requirements of a training manager. Need more? Use the Query Builder.
  • Keep track of things to do with the reminder facility. For example, you want to be reminded of sending intimation letters to nominated employees 4 weeks in advance. The reminder facility will remind you.
  • user friendly, Hassle free HR & payroll software